Welcome to Dakota Vision Center

At Dakota Vision Center our dedicated goal is to provide our patients with the highest quality care and service.  Our optometrists are available six days a week to meet your eye care needs.  A staff of skilled and experienced opticians will take the time to help you select the best eyewear for your lifestyle and prescription needs.building2.jpg

With a high regard for personal service and quality products, Dakota Vision Center welcomes the opportunity to become your eye care provider.


 Our mission is guided by our values...

Respect - Treat each and every patient with dignity.

Integrity - Maintain the highest level of professionalism and personal responsibility.

Excellence - Provide the highest quality service and products through the dedicated effort of every team member.

Innovation - Continually strive to enhance the lives of those we serve with technology, education and creativity.

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Eye Trivia 

1. How many working parts are your eyes composed of?

a. 5,000     b. 2 million     c. 70,000    

2. How many times do you blink per day?

a. 1,200     b. 5,500     c. 10,000     

3. Is color blindness more common in males or females?

a. Males     b. Females     

4. The entire length of all the eyelashes shed by a human in their life is?

a. 98 feet    b. 23 feet    c. 6 feet    


Answer Key:     1. 2 million     2. 10,000     3. Males     4. 98 feet